National Masonry Instructors Association

850 Bunch Ford Road
Holy Hill, SC 29059
Phone: 803-469-3788       Cell: 803-308-0931

President's Message

It is indeed an honor to serve as the National Masonry Instructors Association President. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. As your president, my goal is to increase the membership of instructors statewide and to incorporate the purpose of our organization in our communities.

The purpose of our organization is to promote Professional Service, Leadership and Career Development among Masonry Instructors, and to provide local, state, and national educational agencies with innovative standard based masonry programs. As your president, I plan to incorporate the purpose of our organization in businesses and industry, as well as meet their needs.

Together we can make our organization bigger, better and stronger. Let us work together as we move forward into new horizons. Again I am excited as well as thankful for this opportunity to serve our organization as we strive for excellent.

Yours Truly,

Curtis Hoover

On behalf of the National Masonry Instructors Association (NMIA), I would like to extend an invitation to you to join our organization. You have done numerous works to highlight the positive aspects of the profession and we feel that the association and you could mutually benefit from membership.

Our purpose is to promote professional service, leadership and career development among masonry instructors, and to provide local, state and national educational agencies with innovative standard-based masonry programs. Our mission is to develop a collaborative partnership with the education, business, and industry communities to create awareness of the professionalism of the masonry occupation by promoting quality masonry programs and keeping members informed of innovative trends and changing technology.

We believe that masonry is a growing profession and it is our responsibility to continue to embrace its history, keep abreast of the skill and communicate to others the benefits of knowing the trade. We feel that you would be a great asset in achieving our goals and invite you to represent your school by joining our association.

We would also like to extend the invitation for you to join us July 7 11, 2013 during our Annual Conference in Concord, NC. Hotel accommodations and registration forms will be available via our website. Please feel free to visit the site for these forms and any additional information.

We thank you in advance for your interest in our organization.


Eugene Johnson